Nowadays of you are a vocalist, it is no longer uniquely a case of working on your voice in order to succeed. The demands of a music industry career may cause you to be required to know a little about everything from website design, or how to get onto a music agency.

Many of my singing students also tend to have come across the rather uncomfortable feeling of stagefright, or at the very least shirk away from promoting themselves in the Music Industry. I now give coaching to help encourage people of an artistic nature to break through those barriers holding them back & I am delighted to report that thanks to some personal development courses I have been on – it is working for my students too!

The adventures of running a band, and the practicalities of getting gigs can prove a huge task for some – even getting enough motivation can be a challenge, let alone the ins & outs of being a team leader!

Having run an agency myself and had many years in the industry running my own band whilst being an artist myself. I fully relate to those who come and express that they are witnessing growing pains as they stretch themselves to meet the challenges that they come across!

So for those that are getting started in the music business, or perhaps starting to audition as a singer, I aim to save people time, money and heartache by first clarifying their goals. Some of my singers have realised that they do not actually want to rely on the X-factor style of auditions in order to realise their musical potential after having come for career coaching with me. Perhaps they realise that actually musical satisfaction is their primary driving force & the reason that they started singing & songwriting in the first place!

If you can find your USP (Unique Selling Point), learn about Studio Techniques & Recording a Demo, get focussed on preparing a Promo Pack, then by working on your voice simultaneously we can work towards a singers goal of being self employed in the Music Industry.

Brighton Singing Lessons HQ

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