Something that is fascinating to me (here at Brighton Singing Lessons) is all the different reasons that people come for singing lessons!

Well, Mr M (I shall keep his name anonymous) came along one day as he was a hugely competant musician, a band leader and held his own leading the band, yet felt that there was still more for him to discover about his own voice.

It’s actually a luxury for me (as a vocal coach) to be working with a person who already has such a high level of musical awareness. When musicians start to get their teeth into vocal techniques, they find a whole world opens out for them! They can really begin to enjoy their musical ideas and actually implement them with their voice. It’s as if all that music just begins to come out vocally in a much clearer way!

I know myself, from my foray into playing drums, keys and guitar, that out of all of the three instruments, the one that I struggled with the most was the guitar. I had rhythm, an ear for chord progressions etc. But I could not get past the finger pain of the fretboard! So, I found that playing drums (yes, it’s true, I was 12 years old and the only girl!) was really satisfying once the co-ordination was mastered. Then, playing keys took about 2 years to become satisfying.

The thing is with vocals, if you have a bad teacher, it can take AGES to make any progress. If you get solid techniques, and a really clear explanation of how and WHY it works, you can actually begin to make some good steady progress quicker than mastering the drums, keys or guitar.

If you think that musically you have more ideas in you than you are vocally able to express, then do certainly get in touch to see what an initial set of 5 lessons might do for you?

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