Some of you may or may not know that in addition to running Brighton Singing Lessons, I have been working with singers and songwriters at Metropolis Studios as part of the ACM artist development course?

With some of the most creative and ingenious singer songwriters in London, we worked on creative songwriting. I can truly say that the experience was a wonderfully invigorating one!

I have been turning the course into a digital mini online course. Through an inspiring discussion with the head of the Music Department (at the University of Chichester) he has agreed to run a songwriting week long course and we are currently ensuring that is is in the local press!

You know, it is funny how when you are teaching a subject you love, to people who are prepared to take the lessons and take action, time just flies?

On the train up to London, I would write the course notes and they seemed to just fly out of the tips of my fingers.

Then came the testing phase as to whether the exercises would also work on some of my more advanced Brighton Singing Lessons singing students?

So, here comes the case study of Olivia. An extremely brighton young lady, who is currently studying computer science at the University of Sussex, I will let her own words outline where she was at:

“I sought out singing lessons in order to see if I could perhaps regain the passion I once had for music. Although I wasn’t even sure if I would go at first, after summing up the courage, I went to my first lesson with Chip Jenkins. Five weeks later and I can honestly say that going to that first lesson was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. After meeting Chip that day, I knew that good things were on the horizon and I felt my love for music and songwriting coming back again. I thought it would be useless to resume now and even embarrasing as it had been so long since I had written and sang my own songs and I felt that my skill was significantly diminished but Chip brought me back to the basics and helped me to start afresh with no judgements. A lot of my songwriting before was always lacking the traits which I found so amazing and interesting in other peoples’ music and I had never really known how to go about doing such things within my own music. From day one, Chip made me produce a focus sheet which outlined all of these things that I liked so much in other peoples’ music and she began guiding my songwriting to incorporate a few of these chosen qualities. I have now almost finished production of a new original song through the help I received from Chip, and I cannot express how grateful I am to Chip for helping me to get my passion back.”

My reply to her was this:
“I have already seen that when I set you the task of songwriting, you really run with it!! It was so sweet when you came to the lesson and apologised for writing 2 songs instead of just the 1!! I wish you a genuine career in singing and songwriting and let’s get those songs sounding really good :-)”

Basically, it has been a long time coming, but I have finally tuned into the realisation that teaching singing is not simply about just teaching people how to make a load of sound with their voice! There is no point to just making vocal sounds just for the sake of it… If you can harness your clarity about what music you would like to create, and get your voice to complement those ideas, then you really start “Cooking with gas!!!”

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