An extraordinarily talented producer I have worked with said “a good session singer must have the ability to tune in to what is needed for the song style, and to be able to provide the right sound”. This got me thinking….

I may put my own personal taste aside whilst singing as the producer has a vision of what is best for the track. I always keep abreast of current music to ensure that I have an array of different approaches to provide in a session. Of course, brushing up every now and then on my theory and sight singing are also an ongoing pursuit.

This means that ongoing vocal practise is an everyday occurrence just to ensure an understanding of the musical learning required. If I may make a suggestion, it is wise to constantly assess your understanding of vocal techniques, and practical application of those techniques. By reading books on singing, you can take a step back, truly understand how the voice works and then apply the concept for real in your singing.

I had a test recently to find out how my brain works & it actually revealed that one of my best skills was mimicry! Highly useful when you want to learn a language :-) You can end up sounding like a local!

This caused me to wonder – are all talented singers simply talented mimics? Answers on a postcard, please! More in the next blog…

Brighton Singing Lessons

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