Charlotte is an experienced actress who realises that in order to stay ahead of the game in her chosen field, she needs to be able to provide a wide range of performance skills. She has previously been given quite important roles and is quite used to being onstage. The vocal techniques we have worked on together include singing improvisation, awareness of vocal anatomy & how it all works and also how to manipulate her voice to get the sound she wanted.

Although a lover of Jazz, she had not tried to sing it before & we worked on her tone to get the Diana Krall slinky intimate style and also her delivery. Just like a monologue in a play, timing is all. In addition, rhythmic accents give extra class to a Jazz vocal.


Check out Charlotte’s Jazz vocal here
If you would like to try a new style of singing, contact me at Brighton Singing Lessons. All lessons happen at Brighton Electric Studios in the UK.
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