Well, you may be wondering what made me set up something such as Brighton Singing Lessons?

It had been a thought of mine for sometime that I would like to be able to help Brighton based talented singers get more out of their musical activities!

I launched Brighton Singing Lessons back in 2007, and now I’m delighted to say that it is working out well.

Brighton does tend to be a hotbed for inventive, creative types. I did recognise when I came down from London that there tended to be 2 types of singers. Those who were busy talking about being singers and those who were busy being singers.

Both groups of singers have their unique challenges – I am going to outline the challenges here:

Those who talk without taking much action for their singing career:

The source of the block can be several fold. Some singers are unsure how to put together their plan of action and also get a group of musicians together or a co-writer or a producer. I have worked in all formats and have developed an action plan to assist people to gain clarity about where there singing can take them. It means that I become part singing-teacher, part life-coach! The exercise is called the “BE/DO/HAVE” exercise”

One lady in particular who I worked with discovered that the things she needed to BE were:

Unstoppable, self-disciplined, self motivated, self confident etc.

The things she needed to DO:

Learn more music theory to enable her to communicate with musicians about what she needed and wanted from her musicians, use her considerable network of music contacts to actively promote her career, set aside time each and every day in her diary to include an important musical activity


The things she needed to HAVE:

Gigs in the diary! A PA system, 4 skilled, reliable and personable musicians, more finished songs.

Once she gained clarity she simply flew into action!

Now, let’s look at the second group – the singers who do a lot towards their careers. As a general rule, these singers can be physically at risk of burnout unless they know what they are doing. The physical demands of singing every single night can mean that if a singer does not know how to avoid certain singing habits they may damage themselves and their voices. So, the common things I would work on with a singer of this group would be knowledge of vocal anatomy, how to avoid constricting the larynx, how to stretch their range in a consistent yet suitably challenging way, how to correctly support their voice to avoid vocal strain.  For the most part, then the help I give would be mainly physical warm ups, challenging technical milestones for breath control and range development etc.

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