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12 Month agreement.

1 x 45 minute singing lesson every 2 weeks during school term times.


The price is calculated for 20 lessons x 45 minutes.


To make it more affordable for you, the payment amount is divided over 12 months, i.e. you also pay during the holidays. The monthly amount is £100 each month.


Teaching times follow the school schedule. There is no teaching during Autumn half term, Winter half term, Christmas holidays and Summer holiday.


Contract Binding period is 1 year and starts from the day you sign up.


NB! The student must not cancel a lesson on the Calendly booking system. It will cause problems with other students and their timings.


Contact Chip at least 48 hours before the agreed time to avoid missing the lesson.


If the student wants to quit during the 12 month period, the calculation will be as follows:

Number of teaching hours used x £60 + £50 in admin fees.

Singing Lesson Every 2 weeks

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